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Check tunnel vouchers - from only PLN 239!

Tunnel flight vouchers for couples

Make your dreams of flying come true! Until recently, a flight in a wind tunnel was an experience reserved only for professionals - people involved in extreme sports. Today you can also experience it!

A tunnel flight is a great gift idea for him and her. This largest wind tunnel in Europe offers an unforgettable experience. And without any risk - the wind tunnel is a safe place for both beginners and professionals. Regardless of age - the wind tunnel is also safe for children from 3 years of age.

Gift vouchers

Are you looking for an original gift voucher idea? The wind tunnel is a great place to make your dreams of flying come true. Check out our offer at Flyspot Tunnel Vouchers . We have vouchers for both individuals and groups.



Nothing connects us like a shared experience! Wind tunnel flight for two? It's a cool idea for an original date!

A wind tunnel voucher for couples can also be a great gift for almost any occasion. Anniversary of meeting, wedding anniversary, birthday, name day or Valentine's Day? Any reason is good!

Give a flight in the wind tunnel to a person close to your heart and enjoy the time spent in an extraordinary way!

How is a wind tunnel flight for two?

Flying in a wind tunnel for two is an experience that you can share with a loved one. There are two attractive packages to choose from - 4 or 8 wind tunnel flights for a couple (2 or 4 flights per person). It is a guarantee of great fun and flights with a length comparable to the length of a parachute jump from a height of four thousand meters!

As part of the selected package, you will undergo professional initial training and rent the highest-quality equipment necessary for a safe flight - a suit, helmet, goggles and earplugs. Please dress comfortably and remove jewelry and watches before flying through the tunnel.

During the preparation and subsequent flights, your safety will be constantly supervised by an experienced and appropriately qualified instructor. This is the person you will have at your fingertips all the time - literally! Additionally, there will be a second instructor in the tunnel door and a third instructor will control the speed of the air.

The wind tunnel is vertical and 4.5 meters in diameter. The air circulation in the wind tunnel is closed. The air stream on which you will float is created by specialized fans with turbines with a power of 315 KW each, and special nozzles increase the thrust. There is a steel mesh at the bottom, which effectively absorbs any trips and enables a gentle landing.

The operator of the device decides about the power of the engines, and thus the speed of the air stream. The parameters are each time adjusted to the specific wind tunnel customer.

Flyspot wind tunnels are based on the latest Indoor Skydiving Germany technology. It is a reliable company, which we are 100% sure of in terms of innovation, quality and safety of solutions.

Your flights will be recorded! After the flights are over, you can receive a free movie of this event in any form you choose!

Flying in a wind tunnel can become a shared passion

The wind tunnel makes it possible to ascend even several meters above the ground. However, you fly more often at a height of about 2-5 meters above the net. However, this is definitely enough to fully experience free fall and feel this extraordinary freedom while floating.

The decision to experience your first wind tunnel flight with a partner can become the beginning of your shared passion! Are you ready to try something new? Flyspot is a good address for an extraordinary adventure that doesn't have to end here one time!

You may soon join the elite team of professionals who train and develop their skills in tunnels around the world!

Remember that any fun activity, even in this extreme edition, strengthens your relationship!

Flying in the wind tunnel is completely safe

The wind tunnel doesn'tjsce where everyone can experience flying safely. Free floating in the wind tunnel is performed under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor in fully controlled and monitored conditions.

Tunnel flights can be used by children from 3 years of age, young people, adults and seniors - provided there are no contraindications.

Contraindications to flying in a wind tunnel are: joint problems, back problems, cardiovascular diseases, mental illness and epilepsy.

The flights cannot be used by pregnant women, people weighing more than 130 kg and people after consuming alcohol or other intoxicants.

A voucher for a wind tunnel flight is a unique wedding gift idea

You do not know what to give to the newlyweds who have just invited you to their wedding and reception? You can stop looking! A voucher for a wind tunnel flight is a great idea for an absolutely unique wedding gift! It will be a gift thanks to which the newlyweds will experience an amazing adventure. Memories of this event will stay with them forever!

Flyspot wind tunnels in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław

We make every effort to ensure that our offer is available to the widest possible audience. There are three modern Flyspots at your disposal - in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław. Each facility is open 7 days a week!

You can redeem your voucher for a wind tunnel flight at any Flyspot facility, according to your current needs and place of stay.

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